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Rumors related to reduced mandatory time circulate through the prison population very often, and this is one of them. We often hear from inmates asking about a new law that drops the amount of time they must serve before they are eligible for parole, but the library has not been able to identify any such laws that would reduce the requirement that inmates, convicted of a “3g” aggravated offense (i.e., offenses described by Section 3g of Article 42.12 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure), must serve at least 50% of their sentence, or 30 years, whichever is less. For accurate information and answers to common questions related to parole and parole eligibility, see the publication Parole in Texas [PDF] from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

The current version of the parole and supervision statutes are available online: chapter 508 of the Government Code. Section 508.145 and section 508.149 discuss eligibility for parole and mandatory supervision. You can also see any version of these statutes from early 2004 to the present by using the Statutes by Date feature on the Texas Legislature's website. If you need to locate the parole and mandatory supervision laws for a date prior to January 11th, 2004, our fee-based document delivery service can provide copies of the law either in print or electronically.

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