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Frequently Asked Legal Questions

Find answers to common questions in our searchable FAQ.

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Resolve a dispute

If you have an issue with your attorney, the State Bar of Texas (SBOT)’s Client-Attorney Assistance Program (CAAP) may be able to help. CAAP helps resolve disputes and communication issues between Texas lawyers and their clients. They may also be able to assist with fee disagreements. More information about what CAAP can and can't help with is available on their website.

File a grievance

Attorneys must follow specific rules of professional conduct. We have more details about these rules on our Legal Ethics and Professional Misconduct guide.

If you believe your attorney's behavior is unethical, you may decide to file a grievance. The person must file a written grievance through the SBOT's online submission system. See the SBOT's Attorney Complaint Information brochure for more details about the process.

CAAP also operates the Grievance Information Hotline. Calling the hotline before taking any action can help you figure out what steps to take to resolve a problem with your attorney. The number to call is (800) 932-1900.

Complaints against judges

Complaints against judges are handled by the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct rather than the State Bar. You can find more information about submitting a complaint against a judge on their website.

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