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The existence of a 3-day right to cancel is a common misconception about the law. We are not aware of any Texas law that provides a universal 3-day right to cancel a contract or return a purchase. Your options for canceling usually depend on the terms of the contract or the business’s policies.


Some statutes provide a "cooling off" period for certain purchases or transactions.  But these laws only apply to specific situations, like health spa contracts, certain phone solicitation purchases, or manufactured home sales.

For example, certain door-to-door sales have a 3-day right to cancel under Chapter 601 of the Texas Business & Commerce Code. The Texas Attorney General’s Office has more details about the 3-day right to cancel door-to-door sales on their website.

Please see our Cancellation of Consumer Contracts guide for a list of laws that govern these types of transactions.

You may wish to talk to an attorney if you need help determining your options for canceling a contract or purchase. For more information on finding an attorney, please see the library's Legal Help page.

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