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Texas law does not address address whether a landlord can require that a tenant pay rent in a specific way, such as through a website or by money order. How a tenant must submit rent payments is usually a provision in a lease agreement. It is important to review the terms of your lease to see if has any requirements related to how to pay rent.

The lease agreement is a contract between the landlord and the tenant. It is possible that requiring a different method payment not agreed to in the lease may be considered an amendment to the lease. Because the lease agreement is a contract, any changes to its terms can only happen at the beginning of a new lease period or if all parties agree to the change. If the parties do not agree on a change, they will need to wait until the lease is up for renewal to introduce new rules. The Texas Tenant Advisor website has more details about changing a lease in the middle of a term.

Another common question is whether a landlord can ask a tenant to pay through a website that charges a processing fee. The answer is similar — if introduced mid-term, this is a change that may be considered an amendment to the lease. You can read more about rent and rent payments on our guide to landlord/tenant law.

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