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We have not been able to locate a current Texas statute that prohibits carrying a weapon while wearing a mask or other type of disguise. We have also been unable to locate any current Texas statutes that address the wearing of masks in general.

Texas law has specific guidelines for who is allowed to carry weapons and under what circumstances. Sections 46.02 and 46.03 of the Texas Penal Code describe situations when it is unlawful to carry certain weapons including firearms, knives with a blade over 5 1/2 inches, clubs, and certain prohibited weapons.  

In Texas, a license to carry is required for both openly carried and concealed handguns. Section 46.035 of the Texas Penal Code describes several situations and places in which the carry of a handgun by a license-holder may be prohibited. It also sets the requirement that openly carried handguns must be in a shoulder or belt holster.

Please see the Carry of Firearms page of our Gun Laws research guide for more information.

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