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Time in prison may not be the only consequence of a felony conviction. There are many other laws and regulations that place restrictions on convicted felons. The library maintains a collection of Restrictions on Convicted Felons in Texas for you to view. From there you can browse by subject matter, do a keyword search, or see a full list of the restrictions we have been able to identify. Please note that our collection is not a complete collection and there may be other laws or regulations not listed on our website. Also note that the terms like felon and conviction of a felony may vary by context, and so whether or not a restriction applies to a convicted felon may depend on the nature of the conviction. Only a qualified attorney can provide a legal opinion specific to your situation.

A common question is whether a felon may own a gun or keep a gun in the house. These are the laws we have found related to convicted felons and guns. In particular, Texas Penal Code §46.04 addresses the unlawful possession of a firearm by a "person who has been convicted of a felony." Note that federal law also places restrictions on the possession of firearms by those who have certain convictions: 18 U.S. Code §922(g). Again, only an attorney can provide a legal opinion on how the law applies to you or your specific situation.

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