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Time in prison is often not the only consequence of a felony conviction.

There are many other laws and regulations that place restrictions on those who have been convicted of a felony. For example, a felony on your record can prevent you from obtaining certain professional licenses (e.g., county jailer). Both state and federal laws restrict certain people with criminal histories from possessing a firearm. It can also be difficult to locate housing and employment with a felony conviction on your record because many employers and landlords run criminal history background checks.

Our Re-Entry Resources for Ex-Offenders page is aimed at those who are finishing their sentence and re-entering the community. There you will find links to resources that help explain common issues ex-offenders face.

We also maintain a collection of Restrictions After a Felony Conviction in Texas. There you can browse by subject matter, do a keyword search, or see a full list of the restrictions we have been able to identify.

Because the consequences of a conviction will depend on the specifics of your conviction (e.g., what type of offense was it, did it involve domestic violence) and your particular situation, it is best to go over your options with an attorney. An attorney can provide legal advice specific to your situation.

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